So when I finished college and started in medicine I thought I was going to really get my life together. I was going to wake up early and workout regularly and eat healthy and wear nice outfits to class and not be a walking train wreck. But here we are, 7 months later and I am eating ramen for most meals, I haven’t showered in 4 days, and my watch thinks I’ve been asleep the last 6 hours cause I haven’t moved from the couch. I am not a respectable doctor-in-training; I am a swamp monster. I am Bridget Jones on crack with a southern accent and no romantic partner prospects in sight. I want to be Addison Shepherd, but I am Meredith Grey (complete with rectal jelly on my scrubs, food in my teeth, and bandaid on my forehead). Remember when you were a teenager and collage students seemed so grown up and mature? Remember when you were a college student and medical students seemed so put together and polished? Maybe by the time I’m a resident I’ll have this thing figured out. Maybe faking a British accent would help (someone with a British accent always sounds sophisticated no matter what they look like). Holla atcha girl in the comments

xoxo AEB


Not All Are Created Equal, And It Sucks

Can we talk about something that really annoys me? So science was never my strong suit. History, languages, government, literature you name it and I’m your girl. Science? Not so much. So naturally I decide to try and become a doctor. What can I say, I’m defiant! But that’s for another post. When I started my masters program I figured by now everyone should be at kind of the same level. We are all doing an SMP because we didn’t get into med school and need a stronger science foundation, and the program is hard so I figured we would all be working our poor, sleep-deprived little tushes off to do well in school. HERE is where I get annoyed. There’s me, who studies day and night and still gets Bs (or lower, in the case of first semester) on exams. Then there is my roommate. Same program, same classes, but she goes out to the bars with her friends every weekend and they get dinners during the week, and she works at a cycling studio. Also, she bakes like all the time (like who tf has time to bake?!?!). And OF COURSE, her grades are better than mine. She’s not top of the class but still. IT’S EFFING ANNOYING.

Ok yes if I read this on someone else’s blog I would tell them to just keep their head down and focus on themselves. Not everyone walks the same path. Learn to find joy in studying instead of being sad you can’t go out with friends. Suck it up buttercup, do you wanna be a doctor or a country club mom? Poor you, hard knock life.

But let’s be honest – it is annoying to work your butt off and not get much in return while others can do less and get more. Even more so, it’s disheartening and kind of makes me not want to work as hard. Like what is the point? (of course I’m still going to work hard I’m just saying).

This has been your Saturday morning bitch fest live from the Smith Student Center. My ass is numb and I’m on my 2nd 5-shot iced latte of the day so I’m gonna go back to studying for my 2 exams next week. Toodaloo ❤ AEB

Relationships in Medicine

Guys. Happy Valentines Day! But real quick can we talk about something – relationships in medicine. Also, I am sleep deprived, sex deprived, calorie deficient (thanks to the body reset diet which involves only consuming smoothies for the first 5 days, of which I am on day 5), and it’s valentine’s day, so just bear with me. I was in 2 relationships throughout college, one very serious and one not as much (at least on my part), and a serious relationship before college. I have found a recurring theme throughout these assorted relationships – my career/school comes first. Even when with the people I love, I feel like it isn’t fair to continue the relationship when I can’t be there for them. For the distance relationships, I can’t drop school and studying to travel 4 hours to see them even though they always take off work to visit me. And when they do visit me, I can’t enjoy our time together because I’m either studying or freaking out that I’m not studying. My assorted boyfriends have said they didn’t mind as long as they got to see me (even if it meant watching me study), but I always feel bad for not being the girlfriend they deserve. So I end it. Or I do something that causes it to end. Even if they don’t mind it now, I know that eventually they will get tired of it. They will resent the long hours studying, then the long hours working. Eventually, I will be the bad guy for putting my career first.

SO here it is – how do others make it work? How do others have high demand careers and make relationships work? PLEASE let me know in the comments guys ❤ AEM

Tight Study Space


On most weekday mornings at my parents you can find me sipping my coffee and watching HGTV. Why? Because I absolutely LOVE designing and decorating spaces. On top of this, I really really need to have a home study space. I know a lot of people who are totally fine always studying in the kitchen or at school or bouncing around to different coffee shops. While I do enjoy these things from time to time, I need a home base where I can study and no one else is around. SO moving into a 9’x7′ broom closet when I started grad school was a whole new fresh hell for me. I though “there is no way on God’s green Earth that I can fit my bed and dresser, let alone a study space.” Luckily, thanks to my persistence, some graphing paper, and amazon prime, I figured it out. (Note that, although not all pictured, I managed to fit a twin bed, bookcase, night stand, and chest of drawers. I’m a magician) So, for those of you who are trying to create a home study space with limited time, space, and/or money, THIS POST IS FOR YOU! The following is what I did:

  • The bungee desk chair is the most expensive thing I have. Even with a coupon, it was close to $200 from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I got this as a gift during undergrad though. I like this chair because it rolls, it swivels, it bounces (the bungees are currently covered by a huge fuzzy scarf I got for Christmas), the height is adjustable, and I can recline in it or lock it upright. I usually adjust the height to the lowest setting so I can slide most of the chair under my desk and save some floor space in the middle of my room. In my mind, if I was going to be sitting in a chair 5-10 hours a day studying, then I might as well fork out the extra money for a chair I would be comfortable in. That said, you can also just as easily get a decent desk chair for waaaaaay cheaper.
  • The desk itself was the next expense. I got the Ferrino French oak efficient home computer desk with square side shelves from amazon (note: they had different stains I just got what matched my other furniture). And check this, IT WAS ONLY $30 (and I got free shipping with prime)!!! Given that it is made of that kind of flimsy composite wood, and that I put it together, it is pretty sturdy. I’m not, however, very confident that it would survive a long distance move whether I left it together or took it apart. But for $30 heck I’ll leave it and get a new one. The desk is 15.6 x 39.6 x 33.6 inches and fit perfectly between my bed and the door. I really couldn’t be happier with it.
  • IHome. Mine is old but I love using it to charge my phone or the speaker to listen to music while I study.
  • The corkboard is just a cheap one from Walmart. I pin up pictures that I find or that friends send. I also have an envelope organizer (from one of those desk kits at Walmart) pinned to it where I keep cards I get sent, cards I want to send, random notes, stamps, etc.
  • Organization: My most used textbooks are kept on the shelves of the desk (held up by some book hands from Barnes and Noble). The rest I keep, along with a magazine holder full of extra lined paper, printer paper, stray papers, etc., on the left side of my desk up against my bed. I have a holder on top of my desk full of stray flashcards and my suture kit. Another small metal holder has stray paper clips, safety pins, fountain pen cartridges, and washi tape. The two white bins, from target, hold scissors, glue, tape, a package of paperclips/thumbtacks/binderclips, envelopes, spare pencils and colored pencils, etc. Pretty much all my random desk stuff. Lastly, I plugged all my chargers into a surge protector under the desk and ran the cords through the arms of a binder clip that I clamped to the back edge of the desk. this deeps my chargers from constantly falling in the floor and out of my way.
  • Decorations: I have an elephant candle holder with tea tree candles for some mood lighting. My whole room is wrapped in white lights which is nice. The picture is of the Boston skyline (purchased at Faneuil Hall marketplace). My marble coaster is one of four from a set I got at TJMaxx. Behind the picture is a metal feather quill that works similar to a fountain pen that you dip (bought at Barnes and Noble). I sometimes use it to write in my journal. The hourglass is a 30 minute hourglass I got from Barnes and noble, and I use it to time my meal breaks/study intervals (although I have started using a study timer on my laptop more….)


If you made it this far I’m thoroughly impressed. Also, you’ve probably learned some things about me. 1) I like Boston, 2) I like Harry Potter (hence the Hogwarts post card, quill, and hourglass), and 3) I probably think waaaay too much about where it is I’m studying. Have I left out something you wanted to now about? Have you designed a study space for a small area on a budget? Let me know in the comments! ~AEB

The Many Hats We Wear

RESPONSIBILITIES. I have always been a good multitasker, and I’ve always had many different responsibilities to school, research, clubs, jobs, etc. Grad school has been different and I find myself struggling to juggle everything. I don’t have a job or volunteer duties or extracurriculars anymore, yet I’m busier than ever. In grad school you are an adult, meaning you have to go to the grocery store, the laundromat, pay bills, clean your house/apartment and all other fun adulting things on top of your duties as a student. Although not is a traditional undergrad student, many of us lived on campus where we had laundry in the building, weekly housekeeping, meals provided by the dining hall, a gym around the corner, and rent/utilities were taken care of on your student bill (possibly by your parents if you were really lucky). I lived off campus for 2 years, but I still bought most of my meals on campus through a commuter meal plan and went to the on-campus gym regularly. Since I drove to campus for classes it was easy for me to keep a gym bag in my car or to pack my lunch and keep it in my car until I wanted to eat. I also kept my work clothes and my scrubs for when I volunteered at the hospital in my car. Yes, ok, I basically lived in my car. Lately I’ve been struggling though. I’m now independent and live in an apartment 1.5 miles from the med school. It’s hard for me to eat healthy/save money on food and get to the gym everyday because I have to carry my food and gym stuff with me along with backpack from home to campus to the gym and back. It’s heavy, bulky, and hard to store. Food options on the med campus are limited and expensive, and even if they weren’t it’s hard to find the time, energy, money, and motivation to regularly go to the grocery store and meal prep. Exercising at my apartment is hard because I have 3 roommates (who like to study in the common spaces) and my bedroom is the size of a broom cupboard. As a result, I’ve gained a lot of weight since starting grad school. Other than the health aspects, it is hard balancing my studies with my adult responsibilities. For example, I came back from break last weekend and our apartment was disgusting. It had not been deep cleaned since I last did it in September, so I spent all 3 days of our long weekend scrubbing the place from top to bottom. Then there was snow to shovel, my car to dig out, laundry to do, groceries to get, a stack of mail and bills to address, and this was all before I even looked at my schoolwork. I hope I can better figure out how to use my time more effectively, and I’m off to a good start this week, but does anyone have any suggestions? How do you balance your life inside and outside of school, particularly in programs as difficult and involved as medicine?


Hi guys! Name is Addison Elizabeth and I am super excited to get started on this blog. A little bit about me – I finished my undergraduate degree in Psychology and am now an SMP (special masters program) student in Boston. I will be a med school reapplicant soon(ish) and I’m excited to share my journey with y’all. My academic interests include orthopedics, sports medicine, and cognitive neuroscience. Outside of academics I enjoy running (sometimes), swimming (aka laying on the beach), playing piano (not well), and singing in my car (sorry snapchaters). I spend money I don’t have on book I don’t have time to read, and I’ve played every sport with a ball (and some without). I am chock-full of tips and advice for getting through school and life, most of which I ignore myself. My first bit of advice is don’t do as I do, do as I say do. I’m looking forward to bringing you some amusing stories, most of which are based on my slow-burning dumpster fire of a life, and hearing from y’all about school, life, and everything in between. If you have any questions feel free to comment here, on my instagram page (link in sidebar), or email me. Furthermore, please comment with ideas of what you’d like me to talk about in 2019!   Happy Blogging ❤